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Solo Exhibition
Worcester, Massachusetts

March 2023

November 2021

Bruxelles Art Fair

Contemporary Art Curator Magazine

'River of Dreams' Exhibition


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'ROMANTICA - Shape of my art'
M.a.d.s. milano Gallery

Milan, Italy
April - May 2021

"With “Romantica - Shape of my Art”, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery of Milan invites each artist to plunge into the heart of his or her own soul, with the aim of extrapolating and bringing out a new sensitivity, evoking passions and emotions, stimulating the mind and heart of the viewer, pushing them beyond the known limits up to the origin of memory and remembrance. Unity, vigour, instinct, individuality and the ability to perceive the surrounding environment are exalted in order to give ample space to a single great Love... that of Art!" -MADS Gallery

The "Romantica- Shape of My Art" Art Exhibition took place at MADS Milano Gallery in Milan, Italy.  MADS Milano is a multimedia contemporary art gallery in Milan, which has a two floor interactive gallery set up large monitors allowing for art viewers, collectors and buyers to zoom in and enhance the smallest of detail in my featured works.  I featured two very different pieces here; one abstract mixed media artwork on canvas, titled "GOING GOLD", and one abstract digital art piece, "GRAFFITI: SPACE EDITION".  This gallery truly embodies contemporary art in the 21st century and is able to be seen by any and all, it streamed worldwide in April through May 2021.

Critical Text of My Work:

Olivia Faulkner is a contemporary American artist based in Massachusetts.  She is a self-trained painter, digital artist and jewelry maker.  Her abstract painting involves fusing many different stylistic elements of modern art such as fluidity, splatter, and geometric shapes; using these styles captures her viewer and unveils how she makes sense of the world. An emblematic example is the work that Olivia presents at M.A.D.S. Art Gallery in Milan, entitled "GOING GOLD".  Gold is precisely the protagonist of this work: the artist uses the leaf and gold nugget in the realization, giving the painting a refined look.  The abundant use of gold undoubtedly refers to the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt, in particular the combination of colors refers to the work "Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer" in which there is a contrast between the brilliance of gold and the darker parts in brown.  In Olivia’s work, the abstractionism, pouring technique and materialism that derive from it, allow viewers to be transported inside the painting and discover its details.  On the other hand, Olivia Faulkner also realizes works in digital. Her digital art is inspired by urban photography, the grandiosity of space, planets, stars and unseen galaxies. An example of this is the second work on display, entitled "GRAFFITI: SPACE EDITION".  Here the dominant colors are blue and purple, colors that automatically transport the viewers in space.  The viewer looks at the work as if it were inside a spaceship and was traveling to the moon on the left.  The rest of the universe is made up of graffiti, digitally created by the artist.  The influence of street art is evident but, from a visual point of view, the work also refers to that of Bosh, “Ascent of the Blessed'', in which the circularity of the moon is proposed as the focal point of the composition.  Olivia Faulkner is therefore a versatile artist who aims at digitization as a means of spreading her art.


Curated by Giorgia Massari

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